Ten Ways To Make Money From  Mail Order Publications!

                          Edited and revised by Herbert H. Ehlers

 There are many ways to make money from mail order publications.  When you read mail order publications, always think about ways to make money with them.

 Here are ten ways to make money from mail order publications.

 CO-PUBLISH MAIL ORDER PUBLICATIONS.  Co-publishing various mail order publications is in fact the only business resorted to by some mail order dealers, and they make money with it.  Before selecting a publication for co-publishing, always find out B If it appears regularly, Rates, Circulation, Quality.

 Benefits To Co-Publishers. You get a 50% commission on new advertisers.  You get a 50% discount on your own ads.  You get Free copies for your own mailings.  You get 50% commission on recruitment of new co-publishers.  Co-publishing a good publication gives you a great deal of credibility.

 COMPILING AND SELLING MAIL ORDER DIRECTORIES.  This is a very lucrative but untapped field in mail order.  Compiling and selling directories is easy, because it does not involve a lot of investment nor printing.  Just spend a little time and effort in research and in collecting addresses.  Keep this in mind when you read ads.  This will give you some good ideas which you can use to compile directories.

 CAMERA READY ART.  You have probably seen ads offering three or four pages of camera ready art. You can do the same thing they are doing.  While reading publications, mark various cartoons, sketches, slogans, and art work.  Cut them out with scissors.  Paste them on white paper.  Be sure that the clippings are not copyrighted.  You can make copies with a copy machine.  Sell for $1 to $5, depending on the number of pages.

 ADVERTISEMENT HEADINGS.  Mail Order dealers need attention grabbing headings for their ads.  Compile a list of 50 to 100 headings, and you will have a profitable product.  Mark various headings which appeal to you.  Compile the list and sell it.

 SELLING MAIL ORDER PUBLICATIONS.  Many mail order publications can be sold for $1 to $2.  Publishers offer copies at reduced rates, when you buy them in bulk.  You can get free copies in the following ways.  For co-publishing.  For exchange mailings.  If you offer a PIM - print I mail - service.  Hobby publications and Mail Order publications containing articles about mail order are easy to sell.  Prepare a circular listing publications that you sell.  Offer a discount for two or more.  Circulate the list.

 POCKET SUBSCRIPTION MONEY.  Many mail order enthusiasts are interested in subscribing to mail order publications.  You can make money by selling subscriptions.  Fill them in the following ways.  As a co-publisher, fill them from your co-publishing copies.  Some publishers need more names to increase their circulation.  You collect the names, and the orders will be filled by the publishers.

 SELL AD SPACE FOR PUBLISHERS.  Many reputable mail order publications offer lucrative commissions to agents who secure ad orders for them.  The best way to get ad orders is to combine various publications and offer as a set.  This way, you can give discounts.  This helps bring in more orders.

 FREE TYPESETTING.  Many mail order publishers provide professional quality typesetting for Free, if you advertise in their publications.  Typesetters charge $10 or more for a 3 by 6 ad.  Imagine how much you save when you order a 3 by 6 ad, and you get Free typesetting.

GET OFFERS OF YOUR CHOICE.  If you are interested in a particular type of item, here is a way to save time and effort.  Advertise a 1" ad, about your requirements, in leading publications.  Your address will be picked up by dealers.  They will send you their offers, because you have shown that you are genuinely interested.  This will save you a lot of effort and postage.

 INCLUDE PUBLICATIONS IN YOUR BIG MAIL.  If you are a Big Mail dealer, offer your Big Mail for $2 or $3. Then, if you specialize in a particular field, you can ask publishers, in that field, for co-publishing rights.  Many publishers will send their publications to you.  You make money from the Big Mail and from co-publishing.


 ASSEMBLE A MANUAL OF ARTICLES. Just about all of the better Mail Order tabloids include informative, interesting articles.  Most of the dealers, who write these articles, will be happy to give you free reprint rights.  All you need to do is write and ask them.  Here is how you can make money with the articles.  Assemble some of the better articles into a manual.  Include twenty to thirty articles.  Set the cover price at $30.  A better price might be $29.97.  Some research shows that the number 97 produces more orders  --  97 cents, $1.97, $29.97, and so one. You could test this and see what happens.  Also test various prices.

 Design a good circular for the manual.  When you mail copies of the circular, include a $10 discount coupon.  Be sure to include an expiration date on the coupon.  This idea will require some work, but it could be a real profit maker.

 STUDY THE ADS. When you look at an ad, ask yourself these questions: Can you ignore it?  Do you want to buy the product advertised in that ad?  Can you modify or adapt the ad for your own use?

 Now start looking in Mail Order publications for ideas.  You should find many more than these twelve.

 You are hereby authorized to copy and sell this report, with reprint rights.